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Monday, December 11

The abuse of power

Don't you love the fact if you knew no one else, you'd get nothing done? Let me explain.

Yesterday, in typical Welsh monsoon, a white van pulled up outside my house, and two burly workmen set about with tarpaulin and pliers in the manhole personhole for BT. By 11:30 they'd disconnected my phoneline and broadband.

I knew someone in BT, a former student, and he'd told me previously how to check my line. I did so, only to be told that my number had changed from ***276 to ***080. Understandably, this meant my broadband died as well. I felt naked.

So I phone the delightful Bill in Delhi, and he tells me I will get a service call before the 19th of December. THE 19TH??? I can't wait that long. I set up my mobile for broadband to get my daily fix of the duck and Misty, and to check my viagra delivery service (aka email), and settle down to do absolutely nothing else. Imagine my surprise when a BT engineer sees the report, says "I'll take this," and it's my old mate. He phones me at 15:15, arrives at 16:50, and leaves at 17:15. The muppets had switched my line over to another line.

Can you imagine if I didn't know him, bugger all would have been done for over a week. Still, all sorted now.