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Monday, December 4

Don't get your car nicked, but it's ok to crash it...

The BBC is reporting here today on some of the best and worst places to have your car insured in Britain, and Swansea is up there but for some of the most bizarre reasons. Swansea has been known for many years to be a bad place for getting your car stolen. The local resident of Townhill doesn't know how to do a hard day's work, unless it involves breaking into a car, nicking a stereo or hotwiring it to take it away. The Police have always admitted that car crime in South Wales is terrible, and have set up fleets of undercover filth to track down joyriders. Unfortunately, with such a wealth of mobile pork out on the streets, they collar anyone with a small discretion in the way of wheeled transport. And in the meantime, the *real* car criminals have continued to go on shopping sprees as the report testifies to, with a rate of 53.4% above the national average.

More interestingly is the other end of the spectrum. People in Swansea are a lot more careful apparently as drivers. The accident rate is the second lowest in Britain, but could this be because each and every street corner has an undercover copper waiting with baited breath to fine or point the person who pulls away "rather aggressively."

And the really funny twist to it all is that all this survey was done by Endsleigh, the insurance company setup by students for students and academic society. The same insurance company I used up to 2 years ago, and decided I wasn't covered when they told me I was, and in the event of an accident not my fault, they'd blame me anyway so that they can squeeze more money out of me.

It kind of makes me doubtful about the quality of the report in the first place. Where's Gloucester in the report? I bet that comes out smelling of roses, so all the staff get cheaper quotes.