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Thursday, January 18

On the corrupt use of power

When I first learned to ride a motorbike back in the early 90s, it was easy. You would get your new fresh licence from Swansea, with the motorbike entitlement added, and then pop down to your local motorbike retailers and buy anything up to a 125cc. You'd then get insurance sorted, and ride it away. Easy peasy.

Teenagers all over Britain were getting maimed horribly, or even killed to death, and the department of Transport decided they had to do something to stop this. They introduced the CBT (compulsory basic training) in 1990 to lower fatalities, and all was well and good in the licensing of new motorbike riders.

So off pootles someone to their local CBT 'supplier' with the aim of riding a scooter. They don't want to ride a motorbike, they don't even want gears, they just want to be mobile. The CBT instructor is recommended, because he's an ex-police outrider instructor. Within 3 hours the new rider is sent home, with a note saying they need to practice more before doing the CBT. Oh yeah, and £85 lighter. How can they practice? They can't go on the road without the CBT, and they can't practice until they get on the road, and they can't get the CBT without the practice.

Chicken. Egg.

Me? no, it's not me, but let me just say I'm bloody livid. Talk about use of power.