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Monday, February 12

Paying for things that should be free

Just today I have made some disturbing investigations. First of all, a customer of mine has a digital camera she bought from PC World (yes I know!), and she dropped it. Yes, so digital cameras shouldn't be dropped, but by the by she phoned PC World. The camera is still on sale there, for 5p short of £200, but when she phoned them they told her her camera was only worth £54 (?!) and to get it repaired would cost £83 (?!). Is this a new policy by PC World to scam even more money from suckers? Stay tuned, I'll find out more...

Secondly, today I have installed an old Sky Dodgybox into John's bedroom. I'm not going to pay an additional £21 a month for full service when all I want is the freeview digital channels. So imagine my surprise when I finally get it all installed, to find that I need a skyview card. Now, by definition, Freeview is free, only not via Sky. They want £20 so that you can view the channels anyway. So Freeview should now change it's name on Sky to £20view.

Like they're not getting enough already, and not providing a proper service.

Rip-off merchants.