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Tuesday, March 13

For Sale

Today, I am mostly selling a previously mentioned arcade classic.

A 1979 Nintendo "Space Fever," possibly one of the very first games ever made by Nintendo.

As you can see the machine is looking a little worn around the controls, but for something that's 28 years old you'd look a little warn if played with almost every day. It's fully working, previously serviced by me, and comes with full coin mechanism (old 10p's only), and all keys. I have even taken a video of the beast so you can hear and see it in full blippy glory.


If you know anyone that might be interested, then give me a shout. If you don't then mention to people anyway. If I get the right price, I will even deliver. In case you are wondering, I'm really looking for about £600 upwards. Ebay has had one recently which sold for less, but I doubt it was in even as close a condition as this. For a start it didn't even have the colour, or the coin stuff, or the keys/locks. I will also advertise it in loot I think. The one place you won't see it is Ebay, because some philistine will want it for nothing, and I'm not prepared to give it away!