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Wednesday, May 30

I'm not a violent man

I should be. My parents sent me to one of the roughest toughest schools in London, the type of school all the expelled reprobates from other schools would end up at. The fact of the matter was that a big fight would occur daily. Knife crime, something highlighted so much today, was a common thing back then. Respect had gone right out of the window, be it for other pupils, teachers or even the Police when they visited (fairly regularly). You didn't get into a fight, because if you did, you didn't know if you'd end up bleeding profusely from a nicely carved section of your own flesh.

When I do get annoyed, I'm like a dog with a bone. I honestly can't remember when I lost my temper with someone to a point where I got violent. If someone upset me enough, I know I wouldn't stop until I got vengeance. If someone decided to have a go at me, I certainly would bite my lip before I retaliated. But a good example is if someone enraged me whilst driving, which would get me lashing out at their car to get my grubby little hands on them.

Which brings me neatly onto this week's 2 videos. The first one is possibly the hardest bloke I have ever seen. He's a henchman, for an underworld boss, and in this scene he has to get money from someone who owes them money. Only the oik who owes the money is sat in his car, doors locked, windows closed. Not that that would stop him.

Now that clip is from the great film "Love, Honour and Obey." The second clip is also from the film. I have told many people about the film, and this great gun battle that goes on. The thing is it's so serious one minute, and the next minute everyone starts laughing. And the reaction from Sean Pertwee when Ray Winstone shouts "Fix Bayonets!" has to be one of the funniest, if not most understandable reactions in cinematic history.