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Tuesday, May 8

The Red Bull Air Race

This was sent to Red Bull this afternoon...

It is with great disappointment I see that the Air Race is being moved to London. Once again, it would seem, the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. As a loyal Red Bull Air Race fan, I have been in the past 2 years.

The first year I couldn't fault, still being a highlight in my life as a day out that was truly amazing. The one criticism I had of that year was the lack of merchandising for the actual race, which I came away with such a buzz, I would have been happy to buy souvenirs for myself and my family. I had such a good day, I commented to people how it was worth paying for tickets for the next year.

Last year was a complete debacle, when it was dreadfully apparent from the minute the new calendar was announced that the weather would be an issue. As it turns out, the weather was truly awful, and whilst I accept that this was something beyond your control, it was all the same a failure as you let all 100,000 spectators turn up even though the weather forecasters were warning of high winds and driving rain. We left for the event shortly after 4am to get to Longleat with plenty of time, even though the skies were grey and generally cold and miserable. Once there you then kept informing us whilst at the event that the weather was clearing and racing would soon be under way, before finally admitting defeat shortly before 4:30 in the afternoon. I then took the return 120 mile trip home tired, dejected and unimpressed. I then had to wait a further month for a refund.

Well this year you have surpassed even that, deciding to move to London. Longleat was much more central for visitors, but I accept this might be out of your control. You also make it apparent that the numbers are going to be a lot less, and I'm guessing this also means that space is going to be tighter, so the chance of a good view is a lot less. And to cap it all, you now charge a lot larger amount then previous years, meaning that it is no longer a viable family day out. As you can probably tell, this also means we will not be coming this year. The organisation for a trip to London is so much more, what with us requiring a hotel, the travelling beforehand and after, and the general logistics of the whole event. I feel that this is a shame, because you have obviously chosen this route to follow, and it makes me wonder how many other loyal Air Race followers will be feeling betrayed by your organisation.

They have, in their infinite wisdom, moved it to an overly populated area, charged a hell of a lot more, and given less spectators the chance to view it. Someone's head should roll.