King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, June 17

Father's Day

Well, as the end of another "Let's spend a fortune on pap so that the loved ones we have know that we love them but we feel the need to reiterate it just in case" day draws to a close, I had to show what John got me.

I phoned my Dad, and my gift to him was to help him remove "Spycrush," a new virus that I've already come across once this week. I then made Sunday dinner, and watched as John struggled to eat his. Afterwards, I fancied a couple of ginger nut biscuits and some ice cream. Whilst I waited for him to finish, I went to prepare, only to find the large packet of biscuits down to 3. John, of course, denied it. So I made him eat the rest of his dinner. His eyes were bulging like a squeezed hamster when he'd finished. I also had a phonecall from someone who only last week had asked me about laptops. I told them that unless they were becoming BA Gold card members, they really should stick to a simple pc for their bedroom. They completely disregarded my advice, went to Currys (when will people learn?) and got a laptop with a broken wireless adapter. And muggins here is going to fix it tomorrow night. I feel like the doctor in the joke "it hurts when I do this. Well don't do it."

So I then watched Lewis win again, and then sent John to bed. Don't you love lazy Sunday Afternoons.