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Friday, June 15

I'm nervous...

They say bad things happen in threes. Well Monday saw the upsetting news that Pudsey, loyal companion to Misty, had gone. My heart went out to Misty, who had lost her best friend. Then today, whilst on a call out some 400 yards away from John's old school, I ask a local child how the teacher I used to work with was.

"How's Mr. Williams?" I ask.

"He's off at the moment, his wife just died."

Mr. Williams is a true friend. We became friends when I started working with his class. He's possibly one of the most honest, genuine people I've ever known. He is gentle, considerate and caring, which makes him an ideal primary school teacher. He doesn't take any crap from the kids though, and his past pupils will all testify to the fact he's strict but fair. I've known him and his family now for 7 years. He has two highly intelligent and respectful children, who I know are the apples of his eye. And his wife, Margaret, I'm sure, was his true soul mate. She was clean living, didn't drink or smoke, wasn't unfit, and was exceptionally hard working. And at only 49, she had a heart attack. If I was a deeply religious man, I'd certainly have my faith questioned at a time like this.

And like I said, two deaths in one week. My heart hurts for Huw and his family tonight. I'm just hoping my superstition is unfounded.