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Wednesday, September 19

Oh boy...

... do I have a treat for you. Whilst sat backing up my pc ready for a complete wipe down, I was pondering what to do in terms of videos this week. Whilst searching through my old archive, I came across a famous sketch that's been doing the rounds for about 5 years, featuring the superb 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia. The guy in question did a short sketch, where he mimes the words to the song, and if you haven't seen it then it can be found here. I could make that my video of the day, but I thought I'd do some research. I'd been told it was an Australian comedian called Tom Mime, and he's only ever been famous for that clip. Try as I might, I couldn't find anything else out about him, until today, where I struck lucky.
His name isn't Tom Mime. It's a character called Johann Lipowitz, an Austrian mime artist, but he's actually played by a comedian called David Armand. David's English, born and bred, and studied at Cambridge. With such past successes at Cambridge as the footlights, is it any wonder he was nurtured into the comedian he now is. So, off I toddle into Googleland, and find some clips of him. He's since done 2 more clips. The first is the Paul Young classic "Wherever I lay my hat"

The second one wasn't quite as good in my opinion, because I didn't like the original. Here's his interpretation of Oasis, 'Don't look back in Anger'

Now, the highlight. When I was very young, my parents rented "The Secret Policeman's Ball," on our Betamax. I didn't see much of it, not being allowed, but I remember hearing them laugh at some of the sketches. As a teenager I had the 'third ball' on tape, and some of the sketches in there were hysterical. It's something that still goes on today, and so last year's show they invited David along to do his most famous song. Along with the singer, Natalie.