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Wednesday, October 24

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den is a TV programme all about bright ideas. Some of the ideas aren't very ideal, some aren't very bright, and some are both. But in recent series I have seen some truly inspiring ideas that I've thought "now that will sell." The dragons themselves are (mostly) shrewd millionaires, with self made fortunes, and certainly must know a good thing when they see it.
Last series, 2 guys were on there who made an intelligent power strip to remove power from TVs etc instead of standby. I now have 3, and I reckon I'm saving £8 a week because of it, and they only cost £6 each in the first place.
There has also been my personal favourite of all time, which was a guy who came up with an umbrella vending machine that sold cheap and cheerful (almost disposable) umbrellas. The idea was you leave for work on a bright and clear morning, only to find when you get back that night it's bucketing down when you get off the train to go home. So, you sell these things by the doorways of the stations. £2, and you get home dry(ish).
This week was a completely different end to the spectrum. How about a voodoo doll of someone? Called Yoodoodolls, you buy a kit including a simple cloth doll, transfers and clothes, and make a doll of the person. Yes, it's completely pointless, but can you imagine how many will sell??? They cost £20ish, and with manufacturing already costing £8 each, I can see the young lady behind the idea making millions. She only wanted £35,000 invested, and not surprisingly, she got it. I'm certainly going to buy at least one! The website has some real tales of how well she's doing, and I can see if she's not careful she'll get swamped, but I feel that with the investment of time from the 'Dragon' she'll really take off. The BBC has a video of her pitch and the reaction here, but being the BBC I can't embed it on here and it needs media player to view it.
Well for this week's video, I have the tale of the musician turned chef, who appeared in last years series. He has made a hot jerk sauce, and the pitch is so charming. The sauce is now widely available, and is truly finger licking good. Proof, if you ever needed any, that this show really does what it says on the tin.