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Wednesday, October 3

Lee Evans

Whilst in a conversation with my father this week, he mentioned Lee Evans. I have to admit Lee Evans is one of the coolest comedians around at the moment. His visual comedy is very clever, but admittedly his swearing can be unnecessary. One of his lesser known assets is his voice, and being of Welsh origin (his father is from Merthyr Tydfil) he is an accomplished singer. His comedy can be riotous and have you laughing out loud one minute, and then he'll start to sing a song and bring all your emotions back down to earth with a bump as he sings a truly heart rending song. This week's video is a song he did called "Failure." It could almost be Freddie Mercury singing.


And, as a treat, I have found my all time favourite Lee Evans song. To celebrate his visit to the land of his forefathers, he penned a truly inspirational song.