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Thursday, November 1

On a certain internet auction site.

Kids broken the TV remote again? PC not working properly any more? Dog knocked over the priceless Stafford pottery and chipped it making it worthless? Well worry no more.


Sell your borked and cattled shite online here.

Yes, this week I have seen another monumental example of how gullible people can be when they think they are getting a bargain. I get a call out to a new customer, who's having problem with his upgraded PC. I get there, and to my horror it's much much worse then could be expected. I should have known it would be bad when I see the original advert for the CPU.
AMD Athlon XP+ 2600. May or may not work. Buy it now price £9.99. P&P included.
May not work is more likely, and the scorch marks underneath show that that is the case. The customer's old motherboard wasn't up to spec for the 2600, so he'd also got a new motherboard. New, as in slightly worn and may not work as well. The truth is more painful, because it might have worked but the fried processor didn't do it any favours and fried it all anyway. Puzzled, he then put the new CPU in his existing motherboard.

Yes, he knows now.

He then puts his old CPU (an Athlon 1200) into the new motherboard.

Yes, he knows now as well.

He then wonders if the on board graphics card on the new board is playing up, so he put in his 512Mb ATI graphics card (retail, about £70-£80).

Yes, he knows now.

Tearing his hair out, he gets my number and I go and see him. By the time I've finished, he's running an old Duron 800, a motherboard that works but will only run up to a 1333MHz CPU, and a 32Mb TNT2 Nvidia. And why did he feel the need to upgrade?

To run games? No. To pirate DVDs? No.

He felt the need to upgrade because his broadband wasn't running anything faster then 1Mbps. I then point out that running a USB ADSL modem on USB1.1 will not allow anything more anyway, and he could have got a router allowing full speed or just upgraded to a USB2 PCI adapter, probably costing him about £15. To say he looked sick would be an understatement.