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Friday, November 23

PC Clairvoyance

Tuesday night saw me doing a simple call out. The premise was simple enough, a pc that wouldn't turn on. A quick check inside, and a check with my trusty multimeter (*note to self - are they called multifeet in the US?*) and the power supply was borked. A trip to the local Maplin was the quickest and easiest option and whilst there the local PC guy who I've known for years (he was the unfortunate who was on duty when a customer took PC World to court and I helped in the case) stopped to have a chat. We always compare notes, and we have respect for each other. He's probably the only other PC guy I know who I'd listen to, and certainly take his advice. I mention dead PC, power supply, and poor voltage and the conversation went as follows...
"Is it an E-Machine?"


"Does it have a silver front?"

"Again, yes."
(now I'm started to think things are creepy)

"Is the power supply a Bestec 230Watt with a yellow sticker"
(now I'm officially freaked out)


"Oh dear. Don't tell me, Intel based right?"

"Yes, P4."

"I hate to tell you this, but it's probably knackered. When you get home, look at the motherboard and a chip in the bottom right corner will have 2 holes in it."

I got home, had a look at the chip in the bottom right corner, and sure enough it had 2 holes in it. Apparently there is a real spate of them at the moment. Makes you wonder why they've all gone at the same time, and conspiracy theorists could have a field day. No wonder E-machines keep going bust, and keep getting taken over.