King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, November 5

Remember, remember...

The night that someone 400 years ago had the sense to blow up the houses of parliament, and we celebrate his being caught and hung, drawn and quartered. Well, on Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to a friend's for a fireworks party. Beer would have been imbibed if I hadn't had to drive home, much food was eaten, and the highlight was some hour or so's worth of fireworks. Hardly anybody was burnt, a few bits of plastic landed on all us at some point, and only one firework misfired, leading to a large explosion of green/white stars all over the backgarden. The highlight was the last 'barrage,' a box of fireworks that light and fire themselves once you've lit the fuse. The box was the size of a crate of beer, and I knew it was going to be good because the hosts of the party were calling it the "Beirut Barrage." It started off with lots of pretty colours and whistling, and then started to bang. Getting louder and louder it was interfering with my camera, breathing, and local amenities. I have to share the resulting video with you, and the cry of "Jeepers!" was me almost getting knocked off my feet. (Oh, one last thing, listen for the echo of each loud bang.)