King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, December 20

A New Dawn (no, not the canuck)

As the sun breaks on a new day, another chapter in my life begins. Today, for the fourth time, I have a new step-mother. My father, the poor soul, has embarked on his latest marriage. The banter amongst people in the family is amazing. Such gems as...

"Again? What's this, number 12 or 13?" (his oldest sister)
"Don't fuck this one up" (his daughter)
"Will he never learn?" (his other sister)
"So I'll have another granny?" (his grandson)
"Not you again" (the wedding license office)
"Order that new car for Christmas" (his divorce lawyer)
"Try to make this one last longer then the journey home" (his son)

Seriously, Congratulations Dad. We're all glad you seem to have found a soul mate in Pam. Best wishes from everyone in this neck of the woods.