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Saturday, December 29

On holy crap

Last night, mellowing out and having polished off the last of my Glengoyne 10 year old single malt, I was surprised to suddenly see a bright flash. No warning, no heavy rain nearby, nothing. A very bright, very thick and very close bolt of lightning struck a mobile phone transmitter not a mile from this very location, and the thunder that came with it was so loud it actually shook the windows. The power then pondered for a minute before going altogether, just as I was looking for the lighter to light some candles 'just in case.'
<- (The view at 11pm last night.)
The power came back a few times, before going again and finally staying off for what must have been an hour. I'm guessing the local substation was smelling a bit, because then the identifiable lights of the Western Electric Land Rovers could be seen climbing all over the substations in the village with fluorescent jackets and powerful torches. The power came back on about half an hour later, and sort of stayed on all night, only cutting 3 times. As I type this another Western truck has just driven past, I'm guessing finishing what he should have done last night.

Oh what fun it is to live at the top of a mountain.