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Tuesday, January 15

Call centre hold music

There is a lively discussion going on as we speak about what would be ideal hold music for customers of Plus Net whilst they wait the 30 seconds to get through to a customer support advisor. This got me to thinking, after being on hold for over an hour to BT or AOL in tha past, we should have a choice. So, if you have a number you call regularly and are put on hold for ages, then what would you rather listen to. So far, there have been some *interesting* answers. Such delights as...
  • Anything by Crazy Frog. That way you won't stay on hold.
  • The Monty Python unabridged audio CDs, just so customers ask to be put on hold to hear the punchline.
  • This or this
  • Abba, with Ring Ring.
My father would (if he were online) surely say something like Pink Floyd or Neil Diamond.

Any suggestions?