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Wednesday, January 2

Gorillas to be missed.

People living in the UK cannot fail to have seen this advert, featuring a fully grown gorilla playing drums to Phil Collins' 'In the air tonight.' Now the advert has lead to all sorts of conversations. Some people say it's a man in a suit, some people say it's done on a computer, and some (unbelievably) say that it's a well trained gorilla. It's so popular an advert, that Phil Collins actually was surprised to find himself back in the chart. It has understandably gone viral on youtube, and people keep downloading it just so they can view how it was done. These people need to get a life in my opinion, but ho hum.
Meanwhile, more creative peoples have decided to make parodies of it, so for this week here are some of my favourites.


Nirvana playing Lithium.

Deep Purple playing Smoke on the Water.

Rather worryingly, the theme from Eastenders.

And last, but by no means least, my personal favourite, Word up by Cameo.