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Tuesday, January 29

How London has changed

Finally, I get to regale my tales of my trip to London last week, and I think I'd rather sum it up with observations that I made whilst there.
  • Services should all be in one place on motorways not eastbound or westbound, so when you arrange to meet up with the delightful Debster and offspring, you are 10 minutes away on the wrong side of the motorway without a bridge.
  • £3.52 for a pint of lager is a lot.
  • The tube system still expects the sort of capacities it was designed for back in Victorian times, and not anything by today's standards.
  • Signal failure at Earls Court means that a certain Duck still beats us to there because everyone has decided to drive into work instead.
  • Eye Candy, as nice as it is to look at, still has a really bad attitude when spoken to.
  • £7 for a sandwich and chips is a lot.
  • Punching punchballs and dropping basketballs all day when not used to it still makes your arm hurt after a week.
  • £18 for parking in the open in an old bomb site that has just been concreted over is a bargain.
  • The M4 Elevated section is not a place to break down unless you want the whole of West London to grind to a halt.
  • Capital Radio should be renamed Crap-it-all radio since Chris 'no-wife' Tarrant left.
  • Sat Nav is great for re-enacting the Italian Job.
  • There are too many traffic lights on main roads like the A4.
  • White van drivers are really very courteous and polite, and will do anything for fellow drivers. (may contain traces of lie.)
  • Big Lorrys, Chelsea Tractors, Buses and 750cc 1992 Kawasakis with back boxes designed to carry a small coffin should be banned between 6am and 9pm.
  • Either Wales has gotten further away from London, or the roads are getting worse. 4 hours each way compared to what used to be 2.5 to 3 hours, and without explanation. I personally think Wales is moving away. (can you blame it?)