King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, February 18

Catching Up

"Coleman poised for Coventry Job"

And there he was convincing us he's a die hard Arsenal fan.

On being Stressed.

Friday night took a sinister twist, and panic attacks the like of which I wouldn't wish on anybody started. These were full on 'fuck me, I'm going to die' panic attacks, and were so severe they made me sick (no hedges nearby, sorry). I laid there unable to sleep until 4:30 am, when finally I managed to slip into a comfortable slumber, only to be awoken at 7:30 by the cat asking to be fed.

On my webcam page.

The page has been updated a bit more, and at the moment shows the desk as well as the drive. Not sure yet, but I might add a third.

On having money to burn.

I need to upgrade my PC. I can afford a new motherboard and CPU, but not the RAM or graphics card, so I need a motherboard that takes DDR and AGP. Or I can buy another big SATA drive to really speed things up (this 10Gb 5400 ATA66 drive isn't doing the PC any favours). Or I can buy something like a socket A CPU 3200+ which will increase my speed by 45%. Suggestions?