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Wednesday, February 27

The greatest decade for British Comedy?

Tomorrow night on UKTV Gold is an evening debating the best decade for British Comedy. Now for me it's a forgone conclusion, but I want your answers as well. And to help you, here are some videos and titles from each era.

The 70s
Are you being served?
Dad's Army
The Good Life
Fawlty Towers
Last of the Summer Wine (Just as popular as ever today)
Open All Hours
To the Manor Born

The 80s
(my all time favourite)Only Fools and Horses
'Allo 'Allo
Blackadder(this clip is the very last instance of Blackadder, and is terribly sad.)
Yes, Minister
The Young Ones

The 90s
The Vicar of Dibley
Men Behaving Badly
Father Ted

The 00's
This is difficult. I would include the office, but it's not funny.
My Family