King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, March 20


As the great news emerged this morning that the BBC once again is going to show the Formula 1, the Breakfast team were asking for people to send in their favourite 'Murrayisms.' Whereas the great man himself hasn't been asked back to commentate on the racing (oh how exciting would that be?), they had the chance to talk to him themselves, and they asked him for his favourite. But for those who live in a dark hole (or another country), here are some of his more famous quotes...

"There is a man with a great Grand Prix future behind him."

Murray: "And there are flames coming from the back of Prost's car as he enters the swimming pool."
James Hunt: "Well, that should put them out then."

"It's not quite a curve, it's a straight actually."

"This is an interesting circuit because it has inclines, and not just up, but down as well."

"And he's lost both right front tires."

Murray: "And look at the flames coming from the back of Berger's McLaren"
James: "Actually, Murray, they're not flames, it's the safety light."

"The atmosphere is so tense you could cut it with a cricket stump."

"And there's just a few more corners for Nigel Mansell to go to win the Canadian Grand Prix...and...he's going rather slow....HE'S STOPPING HE'S STOPPING!"

"and this is the third placed car about to lap the second placed car"

I could go on all day, but I won't. Murray's personal favourite is, "The car's perfectly alright, except it's on fire."