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Friday, April 18

Things we regret...

This is not going to be a deep and philosophical post, but more about toys. I had lot of toys as a child. Every Christmas and every birthday and the array of aunties, uncles, cousins, grandma and nain would all lavish me with the latest 70's must have from the local Woolworths. On Wednesday I got me a book on Boy's toys, and there in the book is what can only be described an ordinate collection of what I had as a child. And then, at the bottom, is an idea of how much they'd be worth nowadays.
Excuse me whilst I cry. Such delights as...
The 1966 Batmobile, with switchblade front bumper and little plastic missiles and launcher.
At the last count I think I buried it in my backgarden. Now worth £50-£75
Mousetrap, the crap boardgame but with the best heath robinson contraption at the end.

I probably lost a part of it that meant it no longer worked, and it ended up going to the dump. Now worth £30-£50
The Battlestar Galactica Viper, with detachable action figure

I got this with my holiday money in a toy shop in Caernarfon. I seem to remember using it as cricket practice. Now worth £30-£50.
Etch-a-sketch, the seminal must have toy.

Not able to draw even a half tidy square, we (me and Susan) would spend more time trying to fill in the screen so we could see how it all worked underneath. Eventually the silvery stuff stopped sticking, and it was relegated to landfill. Now worth £30-£50.
Matchbox Race 'n' Chase.

My parents finally got me this for my 11th birthday. It was only when I couldn't get replacement parts it got dumped. Now worth *cries* £150-£250.
And finally, The Saint's remote controlled car.

I had a thing for remote controlled cars. This was my first, and given to me Christmas 1979. It would reverse through a corner, or drive forward in a straight line, so to manoeuvre was an art. I think this also become cricket bat fodder. Now worth £350-£500.

Remember kids, look after your toys, and they'll look after you.