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Wednesday, July 2

Dom Irerra

No, I know you haven't heard of him. Dom Irerra is an American east coast comedian with the thickest New York/Italian Accent. In my opinion, he is one of the closest comedians state side to Ronnie Barker. Not because his writing is clever, not because he can do voices, but because he can string one saying into another faultlessly, meaning a torrent of abuse or a list of euphemisms for having sex. He used to start off with this strange weedy Columbian accent, and this never tickled me that much, but when he becomes himself, you just know he's going to be funny. I wanted to find a clip of him talking about his overweight girlfriend, but youtube wouldn't appear to have such a clip. He's still on the circuit today, and I saw him last week late on the paramount comedy channel, still making the audience of the Comedy Store in London roll in the aisles with laughter. I still hark back to his early days, and found this clip of him in the late 80's on Rodney Dangerfield's show.