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Tuesday, July 15

Maths. And yes, it's yucky

Bromman got the answer right last week, but not the answer I had. His answer was 1 and 10, which when you think about it, is right. 1+10 = 11 which is a palindrome. (1*1)+(10*10) = 101 which is also a palindrome, and finally (1*1*1)+(10*10*10)=1001 which is correct as well.
The answer I had was 912 and 2091. Here's why...
912 + 2091 = 3003
(912*912) + (2091*2091) = 5204025
(912*912*912) + (2091*2091*2091) = 9900990099

Not quite as simple as Bromman. (damn you Bromman!)

And now for this week's...

A man collecting a census approaches a house and asks the lady who answers the door, "How many children do you have, and how old are they?"

Woman: "I have 3 children, the product of their ages are 36, the sum of their ages are equal to the number of the house next door."

The official walks next door, comes back and says, "Can I have more information?"

The woman says, "I'm sorry, but I have to go, my oldest child is sleeping upstairs."

The penpusher then replies: "Thank you, I now have everything I need."

What are the ages of each of the three children?