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Monday, July 7

Pop bands, and what they should be.

Bands always have such interesting names. I was thinking last week how good it would be if they're name had to be changed if and when they became more famous to reflect what they now have or are. So for example...

Dire Straits - Comfortably well off.
The Police - The Environment Agency.
Queen - Queer.
Goldie Lookie Chain - Chavvy Lookie Twats.
Europe - Small region of Sweden.
The Jackson 5 - The Jackson 1 who went on to become a kiddy fiddler.
Genesis - The same shit, again and again.
The Bangles - The girls who look very nice, and have a good writer.
ZZ Top - 3 men with stupidly big beards
Madonna - Primadonna
UB40 - P60

Can you add any more?

On babies
If you know anyone that's about to have a baby, then this website set up by my friend Kath is interesting. I know it's not something you'd associate with this website (normally humour or moaning), but I genuinely think this is a topic that is overlooked, and wanted to point you all her way. I know most of you will say "eugh, babies" (Dad) but if it helps one person then my purpose is done.

Her website is here (links to