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Friday, August 8

Holiday? What's one of them

This is what's known as the summer holidays. It's a time when everyone leaves their fair home, and heads off for two weeks of sun, sea and (if you're lucky) sex. It's also a time when my job becomes very spartan, and very slow. People don't want to use their computers at this time of year. They're out in the garden, avoiding the rain drops. They're also skint, saving up for the fortnight of walking Weston-Super-Mare pier, so they can afford their kiss me quick hats and inflatable bananas.
So why is it I'm doing more now then I was doing 5 years ago at Christmas? On Monday alone I did 5 call outs, and yesterday I felt bad letting Sharon down because I was working on 2 PCs during the day. That turned into 4 as the day progressed, and then I did a further one in the evening, which took so long it's still chugging away alongside me now. The one I did last week has been returned, after I suspect windows XP home edition taking a dislike to 500Gb of space, and now I can't even get it to boot from the original drive. I also have returned a PC with the "you have serious threats to your PC. Click here to fix it" virus, and whilst the customer insists she clicked nothing untoward, it must have just got into the computer all by itself.
The really scary thing is last Christmas nearly killed me. If I'm this busy now, what am I going to be like in 4 months time? I wonder if Osama needs a roommate?