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Wednesday, August 13

Timelapse, and making a journey shorter.

Hopefully, this time next week I will be heading to Bryn and Di in North Wales for a few days. It was then I had an idea.
For many years the Welsh have argued that Wales should have a motorway between the north and the south. A few years ago I left my house down here half an hour before BLS left her flat in North London to drive to North Wales, and yet she still beat me by a good 10 minutes. London to North Wales is about 250 miles, and yet here to North Wales is about 180 miles. So, seeing as I'm heading up there, I wondered about doing a video of the journey, to show how boring and monotonous this journey can be.
Now to do a timelapse, you either need a bloody long recording video camera (about 6 hours for this journey) or a method at which you can take a frame at a set time. And it just so happens my Nokia N95 has just the right method. I am going to make some sort of stand in the car so that it consistently records the same direction and I'm going to test it first for half an hour to see if all's well.
But before I record it, I wondered if there's already this route on Youtube. Not surprisingly, there isn't. But one thing there is, and gives you a taste of what I'm looking towards doing, is this week's video. It's from Cardiff to Llanrhystud, just outside Aberystwyth, and shows just how long and windy the roads in the Principality are. This journey, according to Google takes about 2 hours, but in reality probably took about 3 -4 hours. And you actually start to feel car sick at one point as the road winds it's way over the hills and valleys. Have sympathy for me.