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Friday, September 19

Causing divorce

Some six months ago, I introduced my father to Bejewelled II. At the time, he said "Don't bother putting that on. I doubt we'll ever play it."

Then, the following day...
"You swine. I haven't got any work done today, because of Bejewelled."

Then, a week later...
"I think Pam's having an affair. She keeps saying 'Excellent' and 'incredible' in her sleep. And she disappears upstairs as soon as she gets in, and I don't see her until bedtime when she's sat on the PC."

The novelty of Bejewelled however has waned, and now he's looking for a new fix. This week, I think I found it.

Big Money Deluxe, by the same people, is horrible. It uses the same part of the brain as bejewelled, but it is a lot more simple. The arcade game part of it is a fiendish frenzy as you see how many clicks you can do in any one second, and yet the puzzle part is less hurried, but even more frustrating when you realise you're going to die.

And so here it is...
click here to download
I hasten to add, that if you like this, you should pay for it. It is only shareware anyway.

And I'd also like to point out that if my father does download this, then I'm not to blame for his divorce...