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Wednesday, September 17

The two ronnies

It's a well known fact that Ronnie Barker was one of the (if not the) greatest comedy writers ever. For decades he carried Ronnie Corbett, who lets face it, was nothing more then a small comedian with a funny voice who's biggest success was a monologue that took forever, or a sitcom about a middle aged man living with his parents. Ronnie Barker, meanwhile, had such delights as Porridge, Open All Hours, and of course his writing came to the fore with the Two Ronnies.
This series, most popular in the 70s alongside Morecombe and Wise, would have a bit of humour for everyone. I must admit I would mentally turn off when they started to sing, but occasionally they'd have a real gem. And that leads me to this week's video; "You're nuts, m'lord."

Now, maybe a decade later, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie did a similar sketch. As much as I enjoy Ronnie Barker, I do prefer this. Once again, it's exceptionally well written, and really shows the huge talent that Stephen Fry has. The funny thing is, I never enjoyed their series when it was first on. Shows how much I've matured.