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Tuesday, October 28

Birmingham Airport

Yes, I'd guess seeing that title, you'd be able to tell that this post isn't riveting.

But you'd be wrong.

For some reason, my father read this report into Birmingham's one and only Aerodrome, and it's financial status in today's jet-set world. Yes. He needs a life. But he found something that tickled him, and after he emailed me the link (here) he mentioned to look at page 11. For your convenience, here's the page in question.

(Clicky to embiggen)
All very insomnia curing, I'm sure you'll agree. But look closer. Look at the suitcase, second from the left, in the x-ray machine. Could it be?

Good Lord! Someone's going away for an interesting weekend...

I can hear it now.
"Yes, madam, if you'd like to step over here. Did you pack your bag yourself? Is there anything I wouldn't like to find in here?"
"Depends on how you mean you wouldn't like..."
"And, what is this, may I ask? Good weekend away was it?"
"No really, I just use it for a massage after the long flight."
"And is it me, or do these curling tongs smell funny?"

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