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Wednesday, October 22

Gene Hunt aka Philip Glenister, and the Wrong door.

Life on Mars was possibly the greatest BBC drama this decade. I hate BBC Dramas with a passion, but when I first watched this, I became hooked. The series itself took everything that was 70s cop shows like the Sweeney and brought them, kicking and screaming, back onto our TV screens. One of the main reasons for this was the boss of the series, the character Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister. I have recently been reading his book called "Things aren't what they used to be" and what he says is enlightening. As he points out, back then PC meant the local bobby with his bicycle. Drinking, smoking and driving at the same time was socially acceptable, and things could be said that you wouldn't dream of today. The character he played also demonstrated this, and a scan on youtube found this week's clip. It's the best of a bunch of badly made videos, and includes some of his greater quotes.

And secondly, as a treat, I thought I'd highlight the end of this great new series that the BBC have shown on BBC3. Imagine a parallel universe, where things aren't quite as they seem. They repeatedly took everyday (or not so everyday) situations, and turned them completely on their heads. Take for example, the alien rampaging robot, causing death and destruction in London...