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Tuesday, November 11

The best 80's game ever?

After Elite of course, this was one of those games that everyone who ever played it on the Commodore 64 will remember fondly. It was called "Alter Ego," and is the tale of a normal person, from birth to death. A very basic (mostly) text mode game that gives you a situation, and you have to choose your responses. The choices you choose govern how your life changes (like in real life) and makes the game different each time you play it. Much like in life, playing it like a goody-two-shoes makes your life more rewarding and friendly, but once, just once, wouldn't you like to be the bad kid in the class or the young thug that mugs people? It sounds warped, almost perverse, but trust me when I say that some of the questions are priceless.

Some poor sap has converted it most faithfully the internet, and it is playable here

Oh, and watch out for the questions of a "sexual nature" like your first experience of Doctors and nurses, with your mother's friend's daughter Cindy when you're about 8. "You notice how her anatomy's similar to yours, bar one vital piece of equipment. You guess she must have snapped hers off earlier in life."

Just don't go blaming me if you start playing it at work, and find you've wasted a day.