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Thursday, November 20

On getting news you've always expected.

My mother is, was and always will be deaf. In the mid 80s she decided to get a hearing aid for her one deaf ear, and the other ear decided that if she's going to take the burden from it, it might as well not work, and so it packed up as well. This means that if she wants peace (*not piece*) and quiet (a good thing with a 1 year old grand daughter) she just turns off sound.
My father, meanwhile, is just hard of hearing. Not deaf, but great at saying "what's that you say?" and gesturing his ear towards you like some demented Quasi Modo. I've always suspected that it's selective hearing problems because he becomes completely deaf when someone says "It's Aled's turn to buy a round" or "Halfords is a bad place to get your bike fixed." His hearing however is impeccable when it comes to hearing a baby at 40 paces or someone opening a cold can of beer in the next county.
And so, my point (a bit late I know). I was at the docs yesterday, again, this time following up on my dizzy spells back in June and why they're still there. The quack suspects that I'm going deaf, after checking my ears, eyes, dangly bits and asking me to cough. When he asked if there's any history of deafness in the family, I said 'see above' and he has now referred me to an ear nose and throat specialist. So when we do meet up in January, I'll be the one avoiding buying the beers because I can't hear anyone saying "isn't it Rik's round?"