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Monday, December 15

The local's guide to Christmas

Here, for your enjoyment, is the English guide to what people say at Christmas, and what they really mean.
  • Hasn't this Christmas just dragged on this year? - I really shouldn't have put my lights up back in October.
  • It's a great gift idea - It'll never sell at any other time.
  • No officer, I've only had the one glass of sherry - Yous me fuggin' bes' mate *hic*
  • Oh, look, a card from the neighbours - Those bastards still have my lawn mower.
  • Yes, of course John will want to play with a radio controlled helicopter - It's me who enjoys all these toys.
  • (one just for Wales) The prospects of a white Christmas are looking good - It's going to rain.
  • What's your bet on the Christmas number one this year? - I don't give a toss. Just bring back Slade.
Got any more?