King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, December 3


This isn't your average American documentary series. Take a story that someone's told you, and prove whether it's what really happened, could have happened, or wouldn't have happened at all. Of course, over the 7 or so years it's been running, more and more myths have been proven wrong where before they weren't doubted at all.
The show itself is simple enough. Take two guys, one obviously very very intelligent (my father thinks he's gay because he wears a beret. Say no more) professor of Russian Literature and possibly one of the most experienced special effects experts in Hollywood, and then take the other guy, who's foolhardy, childish, but really deep down knows his stuff about stuff.
In later series they also added the junior mythbusters, who included eye candy, a robotics expert and a hardened grease monkey who once again is very childish and foolhardy.
They have in the past included myths like mobile phones igniting petrol fumes in a petrol station. Something they proved to be wrong. This clip shows what would happen if you shot a gun inside a plane, which as we all know means a huge hole would appear.

In recent years they've sort of become nerdy heroes. Recently they decided to do some live stuff for Youtube, and one of the clips I found was a machine designed to paint a picture in under a second by using paintballs. Only, once the mythbusters got their hands on it, they thought they'd see what happened if you fired it at a person.

And finally, sometimes the results aren't what you'd expect at all. In my personal favourite of all time, is an elephant (big grey scary thing with poor eyesight and teeth) scared of a mouse (small white squeaky mammal).