King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, January 2

And so, it came to pass

This time next week, I shall be an Englishman for a couple of nights. The plan of attack would seem to be meeting Friday Lunchtime at the aforementioned Blue Post, Mayfair (map here) on the corner of Bennett Street and Arlington Street, hopefully by 1 o'clock, but this will be flexible on account of people travelling from far and wide. I shall be present all afternoon, and will probably be accompanied by Misty and definitely with Johnaitch in tow. My father will be there some of the time, (he's travelling down on the train, the poor soul) but unfortunately the duck won't. He will be boring, and be working. I offered him 50 virgins if he came, but it would appear that is not enough to tempt him away from his main income.
Please if you can say you will be able or not to come. I shall also politely request those that can't, please to add your name to the list with regards to being photoshopped into the group photo. If this is required, then please email me a picture to do the jobby with. Those that are coming, please email me here, so that I can return the email with my phone number so if any of you get stuck. I would publish it on here, but I really don't want all and sundry knowing it so they can spam me with offers of cheap mobile upgrades.
I look forward to seeing some of you next week, and once we're there, look out for a toast made on youtube, and the biggest single photo of bloggers in history.