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Wednesday, January 21

Great pop videos

Pop videos were a very 80's thing. The ability to add video to the music meant that you could prove your 'art' on so many extra levels. This got me to thinking, which videos are my favourites?
Obviously, some of the greats like Michael Jackson's Thriller are going to be up there. I have recently got my hands on the best of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and in there is the superb Two Tribes. The video has the unforgettable fight between Reagan and Yeltsin, which added a comedic value to it.

Whilst researching for this video however, I found another which really is a true example of modern warfare. The only thing that lets it down is the added text all over the screen. I have it on as we speak, and much too loud.

Oh yeah, if you have a favourite video, let me know. I might do a special just compiling everything you all wanted.