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Monday, January 5

A meme in 99 parts

I've been tagged by Debi and Ricardipus, so it's my turn. Then it's your turn...


1. Everyone uses this same list of 99 Things.

2. Feel free to add editorial comments (mine are in square brackets).

3. Change the font of each item according to the legend below.

4. That's it! Simple, really.

Things I’ve already done: boldface
Things I want to do: italics
Things I haven’t done and don’t want to: plain text

99 Things

1. started your own blog [obviously]

2. slept under the stars [Although I don't remember any stars. It was too cold.]

3. played in a band [just not very well]

4. visited Hawaii

5. watched a meteor shower [R'pus comments on the Perseids, which I also saw last year]

6. given more than you can afford to charity

7. been to Disneyland/world [no thanks]

8. climbed a mountain [Snowdon, in Wales; and took a bus up the Gross Glockner in Austria amongst others.]

9. held a praying mantis [seen one up close, though]

10. sang a solo [Does Karaoke count?]

11. bungee jumped [no thanks]

12. visited Paris [There's a tale of woe waiting to be written.]

13. watched a lightning storm at sea [from Southend Seafront]

14. taught yourself an art from scratch [depends on your definition of Art. Working on PCs can be an art]

15. adopted a child [One's enough!]

16. had food poisoning [more then once]

17. walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty

18. grown your own vegetables

19. seen the Mona Lisa in France [That involves spending time in Paris. Yuck!]

20. slept on an overnight train [maybe stateside, not the UK]

21. had a pillow fight [at least once a week]

22. hitch hiked [many many times.]

23. taken a sick day when you’re not ill [many many times!]

24. built a snow fort [a what?]

25. held a lamb [no comment]

26. gone skinny dipping [no chance]

27. run a marathon [no chance]

28. ridden a gondola in Venice

29. seen a total eclipse [does 99.6% count?]

30. watched a sunrise or sunset [too many times]

31. hit a home run [Can you see me playing baseball? No. exactly.]

32. been on a cruise [I can't think of anything worse!]

33. seen Niagara Falls in person

34. visited the birthplace of your ancestors [Many times. In Anglesey, it's easy!]

35. seen an Amish community [only in 'Witness']

36. taught yourself a new language [Many, when it comes to programming]

37. had enough money to be truly satisfied [I'm getting there...]

38. seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person

39. gone rock climbing [with my school when I was 11]

40. seen Michelangelo’s David in person

41. sung karaoke [To the point where I was in the Guinness Books of Records...]

42. seen Old Faithful geyser erupt in person

43. bought a stranger a meal in a restaurant

44. visited Africa

45. walked on a beach by moonlight

46. been transported in an ambulance [more then once]

47. had your portrait painted

48. gone deep sea fishing [I can't think of anything more boring!]

49. seen the Sistine Chapel in person

50. been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris [guaranteed to make me puke.]

51. gone scuba diving or snorkeling

52. kissed in the rain [almost certainly, although I can't pinpoint a specific occasion]

53. played in the mud

54. gone to a drive-in theatre [not many of them in the UK!]

55. been in a movie [a couple filmed on Southend Seafront]

56. visited the Great Wall of China

57. started a business [the only way to make your million...]

58. taken a martial arts class

59. visited Russia

60. served at a soup kitchen

61. sold girl scout cookies [Do I look like a girl scout???]

62. gone whale watching

63. gotten flowers for no reason

64. donated blood [right up until Wales decided that I can't, even though I gave in England!]

65. gone sky diving [no thanks]

66. visited a Nazi concentration camp [I'd be too emotional]

67. bounced a cheque [many many times! You say it like it's a bad thing!]

68. flown in a helicopter [I'd like to fly one as well]

69. saved a favourite childhood toy

70. visited the Lincoln memorial [no thanks]

71. eaten caviar [it tastes like salty gritty jam]

72. pieced a quilt

73. stood in Times Square

74. toured the Everglades

75. been fired from a job [Too many...]

76. seen the changing of the guard in London [how touristy?]

77. broken a bone [again, too many!]

78. been on a speeding motorcycle [my first speeding offence was on a motorbike.]

79. seen the Grand Canyon in person [Just so I can stand there and say "Gee Whizz"]

80. published a book [not yet]

81. visited the Vatican

82. bought a brand new car [I never will. Too much depreciation]

83. walked in Jerusalem [with Gaza bombing it? I doubt it.]

84. had your picture in the newspaper [more then once.]

85. read the entire Bible [I don't have the attention span]

86. visited the White House

87. killed and prepared an animal for eating

88. had chickenpox [twice :(]

89. saved someone’s life [a couple of times]

90. sat on a jury [I can't wait...]

91. met someone famous [I still have Chas and Dave's Autographs]

92. joined a book club [when I was 6]

93. lost a loved one [I checked down the back of the sofa...]

94. had a baby

95. seen the Alamo in person

96. swum in the Great Salt Lake

97. been involved in a law suit [Only in the US... I have however testified on cases against computer shops.]

98. owned a cell phone [Currently on year 11 of owning one]

99. been stung by a bee [probably; wasps, certainly]

So that gives us totals of:

41 Things I have done

8 Things I would like to do

51 Things I have not done, and could do without.