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Friday, February 6

Old school friends, who are hopefully reading this...

On Monday I spotted an old classmate on facebook, added to an existing friend's list. I clicked on his profile, which was restricted, but the small thumbnail of an image looked like him. He also has a tendency (like me) to spell his name without a 'c' (his name is Nik), and I was pretty sure it was him. So I added him.
He added me yesterday. Yesterday will be posted about next week, but I have to admit it sort of became a blur. Tonight I signed into facebook, and he sent me an instant message. He told me about his life, how good it was now with his 3 boys, how he'd been married and divorced. He also mentioned another classmate who we went to secondary school with, and had uploaded pictures.
"I don't remember him much" he said.
"You know, the one that hung around with so and so, and so and so."
"Vaguely," he replied.
"You do remember me, right?" I asked.
"Of course I do. You were part of my childhood."

That, there in, is one of the most innocent, sweet and simple things I think anyone's ever said to me. We swapped numbers, and 5 minutes later were chatting like old mates who had only been apart a few months. We were comparing notes, comparing lives, comparing kids.

It was great.