King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, March 27


Only a short post to say I hate painting. The bulk of it is easy enough, but I'm like a flid in a china shop when it comes to clumsiness of fine detail. After being let down by a friend who offered to come up yesterday morning, I had to dash to the DIY haven to spend a small fortune on hard wearing dulux battleship grey with a hint of bogey (Dusted Moss in the blurb). I have now finished the painting, and whilst far from perfect, is one hundred times better then the old dirty orange/dirty green/dirty white combo I had there before. I have also painted the doors and the skirting boards, and have taken delivery of my new lounge carpet, underlay and grippers which are now stuck firmly to the floor. I have sat down to let the paint dry on the skirting board, before starting to lay the underlay. This should be fun, because I can't completely empty the room. Wish me luck, and watch out next week for pictures of the new lounge.