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Tuesday, April 7

More abbreviations

I haven't done this for a while, so I thought I'd give you a further list of computer related abbreviations. See what you can come up with for what they could stand for.
  1. AMD
  2. BMP
  3. ADSL
  4. SATA (I bet you'll have to google this one. I did.)
  5. GIF
  6. CR/LF (for those who remember computers with 8" floppies)
  7. DR-DOS
  8. GREP (Give yourself 100 nerd points if you use this. Give yourself 1000 nerd points if you know this.)
  9. MSIMN (the real name for Outlook Express)
  10. ADPCM (I don't know what's worse. The thought you might know it, or the fact I already do.)
As usual, comment away. Extra points for creativity.