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Friday, April 3

Odds and sods

Resolving the recession

I have an idea, a solution that will solve the recession in one fell swoop.

Big companies, when you say you'll pay on such and such a date to the small business, pay. If you don't then they can fine you and charge you interest on the late payment. Organisations like councils, education and the like will also be chargeable, meaning that the small business doesn't go under through late payments of their own, or extortionate charges from banks for going overdrawn.

Either that, or if you have your own business with a shop, OPEN UP. There are two shops in this area that now are of the opinion "It costs me money to open up, so I won't. That way I won't lose any more money." Daft.

Seasons Greetings...

Happy birthday Sharon, who is now in his 40s. *snerk*

Bad Joke Time

Some of you have heard it, but I thought those that haven't might appreciate it.

Mr Jacqui Smith, Richard Timney, had been caught out watching a porn film involving masochism, necrophilia and beastiality. Police wanted to press charges, but the Crown Prosecution Service said it would be flogging a dead horse.

And finally

If you are going to rob someone, don't make it a Police convention. Only in America...