King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, June 22


Saturday night saw me treating Bertie to a meal out. I'd been promising, but what with work and being there, not here, I didn't get the chance to take her out locally until now. And so, I'd decided I was going to take her to the only award winning place in the immediate area, the Abercrave Inn.
Now I know the Abercrave Inn well. It's got a highly regarded restaurant, and it's well known to be the place to eat out on a special occasion. And it must have been a special occasion, because I even put on proper trousers for the evening's repast. I must admit I feel I made a slight mistake by booking a table in the well lit and open plan restaurant, whereas a small quiet booth in the bar would have been more personal and less conspicuous.
We both wanted the same dish, being the Wild Boar Steak (topped with smoked applewood cheese crust and a button onion, grape and cider sauce) but I always make a point of having something different so we can try each other's dishes, so I plumped for the Chicken A La King. Both dishes were well served, with a medley of fresh local vegetables and mine also came with a potato and leek mash. Whilst there was a lot on the plate, it was however not particularly filling, so a dessert was called upon. Bertie went for a lemon and lime cheesecake, and I went for a cornetto/sponge fusion, both of which filled the hole that was left behind from the main course.
All in all, it wasn't overly cheap, it wasn't overly expensive. The atmosphere in the restaurant wasn't lively, but it wasn't unpleasant.
The company however was, as always, delightful.