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Monday, June 8

LIfe's for changing

In the past week, two things have changed in my life making it a completely different lifestyle.
I got a letter from the DWP (the old DHSS) stating that they acknowledge that John is disabled. This is good news for a number of reasons. First of all, financially this means that I get a wadge of cash each month to help pay for his shortcomings. This isn't affected by the hours I work, and will always be there for him, even if/when he leaves home. This is by far and away a good thing. It also means that he has other benefits, like a disabled badge so we can park anywhere (but living out in the sticks I can do this anyway), and also probably mobility, meaning we get a car paid for. Most importantly of all though, it means that when people say we're "playing the system, and just milking his failings for our benefit" (which has happened), I can quite correctly point out that we have it in black and white.
Secondly, 6 weeks into the best job in the world evah, I'm leaving Maplin in Swansea. No, I wasn't caught in the stationary cupboard with the little girl from the tills (Hannah, this isn't you), and I wasn't caught making bugging devices with enough power to make MI6 blush. I'm being moved to another store, the one up the road in Llanelli. It means it'll take me a further 20 minutes every day, but the profile of the Llanelli store is quite low, so I'm hoping this new challenge will make my life more enriching and certainly more beneficial to the store as people use my experience to solve their problems. Saturday will be my last day in Swansea, and after work I've promised to take all the staff for a final drink. I'll also say my thank yous to all the staff whilst there.
There, see? My life is changing forever.