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Thursday, July 16

Drink driving

I don't drink and drive. Apart from the punishment of being banned, being socially unacceptable, being stupid and being selfish, it's also just not necessary. I admit I'll have a pint when I first get somewhere if I'm eating, or if I'm going to be there a while, but apart from that I certainly won't have more then one. I drink what I call my 'funny' shandy, with soda water instead of lemonade, and whilst it's not brilliant tasting, it's a lot better the bitter pill I'd have to swallow if I killed someone.
At the weekend a young lady called Lowri Evans was killed just up the road from here.

This was passing by the site of the accident a couple of days later. The driver had lost control on the bend, and had collided with a tree. Poor Lowri had to be cut out of the wreckage, but was DOA at the hospital. Her mate, in the back, was also critical. The driver, a local character called "Chancy", walked away. Into the waiting arms of the Police, where he was arrested.
Now, call me heartless, but whilst it's terribly tragic what happened to Lowri, a few things could have been done to save her life. First of all, this idiot driver shouldn't have been drinking. I suspect they'd been to a local pub called the Copper Beech, which has live music on the weekends and stays open late. The problem is the pub isn't exactly near to anything, so the only real choice to get there is to drive. The bar staff could have asked who the designated driver was, and stopped serving him. I know this was a simple thing that can be overcome, but maybe people would stop drinking then. If one person is saved by this simple method then it would have worked. More importantly, Lowri should have not got into the car with him after seeing that he'd had more then was sensible to drink. The problem was it's a long walk home, and taxi companies in the area are a joke, so that wouldn't have been an option for her either. Maybe the bus company opposite where the accident happened could be hired for the close of business by the pub at a vastly reduced rate, and drop the punters back in the main town centre. So many maybes, so little actually done.
If someone is convicted of drink driving, they should take the money from any fines, and use it to subsidise the cost of low alcohol drinks like Kaliber or Becks' latest. I don't like too much coke/lemonade/orange juice, and the fact that if you are to stay alcohol free means you must overload on sugar is wrong. It's for this reason people drink in the first place, because a pint of LA can cost 50% more then a normal pint, and soft drinks just don't do it.
Meanwhile, the whole community is reeling at the death of another young life, facebook has a group 'in memory of' and the papers are dwelling on what could have been. But no one looks at the bigger picture. No one except me.