King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, July 8

Jim Tavare

I first saw this comedian back in the annuls of time, probably about 1993. His tall lumbering frame walks on to the stage with a full double bass, and does a short comedy piece that involves all sorts of gags around use of the double bass. The thing is he's a very accomplished musician, and much like Harry Hill, he reached the pinnacle of his career quickly only to become disillusioned and realise that life needs more laughter.
He went on to be one of the main members of a TV show called the Sketch Show, and again showed how his deadpan humour was unsurpassed. My father will always go on about how having swearing doesn't make it funny, which I do sort of agree with. Some people add swearing to make their acts funny, which just isn't the case. Lee Evans is one of my favourite comedians, but he doesn't need to swear in his act to be funny. Whereas Billy Connelly also has a potty mouth, but you don't seem to notice it when watching him, between the tears of laughter. Jim Tavare doesn't need to swear, just being good wholesome clean fun. Apologies for the quality of this week's video, but his stage acts on the interwebs are quite few and far between, and this is one of the ones that shows his true talent.