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Wednesday, July 29

Marking the passing of a true family member

Men will understand this, women won't. Today I am mourning the passing of the Volvo.

En route home yesterday, the timing belt broke in spectacular stylee on a large hill just outside Lampeter. The car just died. No amount of resuscitation would work, and after hours of waiting in the Welsh summer (drizzle) the RAC man declared her dead at the scene. The really upsetting thing is that she's probably one of the last of that era of Volvo, what with them being taken over by Ford in 1996, and getting rid of the 4 series altogether. This then means that I'll probably never find a Volvo 440 of that condition ever again.

Volvo 440 GLT 1994 - 2009. R.I.P. (rust in peace)