King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, July 24

Stories of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

So, here in the land of the Gog I am. The Most Excellent Bryn and family have again put up with my slightly cheesy bottom and gaseous feet. I have also again done a really nice timelapse video traveling up here, this time a lot smoother. The area is deeply shrouded in low cloud which is such a shame for somewhere with such spectacular scenery normally.
John, Bryn's son Adam and I all went to the Boat Show yesterday. The main organiser, a really nice ex-public schoolboy called Ben, was not only pleased to see us, but also his face was a picture when he saw the work that I'd put in with everything for him. He even took me to one side at one quiet(ish) point in the day and said he "didn't believe it was the same stuff." Which I take is a good thing. The boat show is huge up here. The South Wales boat show was bigger (about 20,000 visitors) whereas the North Wales boat show is only in it's second year and so expects about 10,000 visitors. It even made the Welsh news this morning, which is very cool. Today we are going in a leisurely capacity, because today is North Wales' only day without rain annually.
Tomorrow will be D-day, the first time I will have seen John's mum since she left back in February. I do have concerns with John spending so long with her family, but I'm pretty sure he now appreciates how much he's loved at home and he will be welcomed back in 3 weeks time with open arms. I will also hopefully have been poked and prodded by my local surgeon, following my final assessment for my hernia. The delightful doctor wanted to admit me that day, but a lot of begging and pleading and he agreed to let me return next week sometime. So, the 2 weeks that I'll be Johnless and I'll be housebound. This is not a good thing, but ho hum.
More from North Wales on Monday, along with a beginner's guide to the Welsh.